Integrated Psychotherapy

What is integrative psychotherapy?

Integrative psychotherapy is a whole person approach to wellness that explores the interconnection between our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  It is a blend of science and expressive right-brain based modalities that allows for true healing to occur.  This blend creates a unique approach to healing the wounds of the past and present, including depression, anxiety, trauma, work place stress, chronic illness, and grief and loss.

What is a typical integrative psychotherapy session with Shannon like?

Each session begins with a breathing exercise to calm the mind and body.  You and Shannon form a unique partnership—you are the director, Shannon is the guide and together you will begin the process of healing in a safe, supportive, nurturing environment.  Shannon may ask about your nutrition, exercise and the time you spend in nature or guide you to look at family patterns and unresolved conflicts — helping you connect body to mind.  Shannon will delve into your pain with you, explore the underlying issues and gently guide you through it.  You will learn to use art therapy techniques, meditation, guided imagery, movement, writing and other expressive modalities to help you build upon your strengths throughout the healing process.  As you heal and re-connect with your innate wisdom, you will discover the practice of self-care is the heart of optimal health and wellness for mind, body and spirit.